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Musical schtuff

I'm really happy to announce that we're going to have a practice starting up for those who would like to sing. Madrigals, holiday music, and some old medieval favorites will be showing up on the list.

If you're interested, please email me at for directions. The first practice will most likely be next Tuesday night in Media PA.


Please Note!

If anyone wanted to swing by Grimm and my place Tomorrow for an A&S/Crafts Night?

Not happening.

Reason? One of the two Hosts is in intense pain, has been for two days.

Please call me directly or respond here with Questions, tentatively this has been pushed back ONE WEEK - See y'all on 5 November - Guy Fawkes Night!

This msg will be repeated on My LJ acct and my FaceBook acct.

Thank you for your patience.

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Gulf Wars News

This was sent via email to my household list... I thought others might benefit from the info and I'm sending it off into the great-wide-web.

Message sent to the Autocrat of Gulf Wars 15.
Hello everyone,
I am sorry it took so long to respond but this has been my first chance
to check my email. Unfortunately, I am checking the site from a remote
site. I am still awaiting on telephone and internet service at the house. We
have been hounding them every other day. Otherwise we faired quite well
compared to most. For those that are wondering, the war is still a go. The site
owner has cancelled all other events at his site until Gulf Wars. He will
be working really hard to have everything cleared up and ready for us in
March. I will be checking email a little more often now that I am able. I hope
that everyone else is doing well and I look forward to chatting with you

Pass it on!

crossposted to every SCA-LJ that I am a member of.
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Mead Making Classes


There will be two mead making classes held at my house in the next couple of weeks.  The first will be on Friday, October 29th beginning at 7 PM.  The second will be on Tuesday November 9th, also starting at 7 PM.  Directions can be found on the shire website.

If you'd like to start your own batch during the class you will need the following:
- A container for the mead, best is a 1 to 5 gallon glass jug/carboy, or a brewing bucket.
- Honey, 3-4 lbs per gallon of mead you want to make.
- Water (if you don't like my tap water)
- Yeast, I've been recommending Lavin 71B to start with.

I can pick up yeast and jugs/carboys for people, but I need to know a few days ahead to do it.
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Mead Making Class

At Schola on Saturday I gave my first mead making class.  I viewed it as the lecture portion of a lecture/lab combination, so now it's time to schedule the labs :)

I will be making mead, and teaching beginning mead making to anyone who is interested in learning.  This is open to anyone (of legal drinking age) - you need not have attended the class at Schola.  You can either help and observe, or start your very own batch (contact me to work out what supplies you will need).

I plan to run this two or three times in the next month or so.  One date has already been selected:  Tuesday November 9th.  For the other dates, I have the following available:  Oct 27, 29, 31, Nov 7, 17.  If you are interested in attending, please let me know what date(s) would work for you.  I could also take over a Thursday if that would work better for a number of people.
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Activities this week

Greetings Hartshorn-dale!

Tonight the Celtic Cock Brewers Guild will be meeting at the Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown from 7:30 - 9:30.  It is open to anyone interested in brewing and/or cordial making.  Directions can be found at:

Tomorrow will be my usual EK History work night - sorting and inventorying.  I'll also have my heraldry books available if anyone would like to work on a device or needs to get a submission together.  I'll be starting around 7:00.

Friday is Gaming and Newcomers at our house.  Come to plan games, come to learn about the SCA and the shire, or just come to hang out.  This will be from 7:30 on into the evening.

Directions to our house can be found here:

Saturday is the SCA Board of Directors meeting, taking place in Philadelphia.  After the meeting, Bhakail will be holding a dessert revel.

  - Michel