Ramblings of the Bouncy One (rustymarble) wrote in hartshorn_dale,
Ramblings of the Bouncy One

Gulf Wars News

This was sent via email to my household list... I thought others might benefit from the info and I'm sending it off into the great-wide-web.

Message sent to the Autocrat of Gulf Wars 15.
Hello everyone,
I am sorry it took so long to respond but this has been my first chance
to check my email. Unfortunately, I am checking the site from a remote
site. I am still awaiting on telephone and internet service at the house. We
have been hounding them every other day. Otherwise we faired quite well
compared to most. For those that are wondering, the war is still a go. The site
owner has cancelled all other events at his site until Gulf Wars. He will
be working really hard to have everything cleared up and ready for us in
March. I will be checking email a little more often now that I am able. I hope
that everyone else is doing well and I look forward to chatting with you

Pass it on!

crossposted to every SCA-LJ that I am a member of.
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