Mike Knauer / Michel Wolffauer (mikekn) wrote in hartshorn_dale,
Mike Knauer / Michel Wolffauer

Activities this week

Greetings Hartshorn-dale!

Tonight the Celtic Cock Brewers Guild will be meeting at the Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown from 7:30 - 9:30.  It is open to anyone interested in brewing and/or cordial making.  Directions can be found at:

Tomorrow will be my usual EK History work night - sorting and inventorying.  I'll also have my heraldry books available if anyone would like to work on a device or needs to get a submission together.  I'll be starting around 7:00.

Friday is Gaming and Newcomers at our house.  Come to plan games, come to learn about the SCA and the shire, or just come to hang out.  This will be from 7:30 on into the evening.

Directions to our house can be found here: 

Saturday is the SCA Board of Directors meeting, taking place in Philadelphia.  After the meeting, Bhakail will be holding a dessert revel.

  - Michel
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