Mike Knauer / Michel Wolffauer (mikekn) wrote in hartshorn_dale,
Mike Knauer / Michel Wolffauer

Mead Making Class

At Schola on Saturday I gave my first mead making class.  I viewed it as the lecture portion of a lecture/lab combination, so now it's time to schedule the labs :)

I will be making mead, and teaching beginning mead making to anyone who is interested in learning.  This is open to anyone (of legal drinking age) - you need not have attended the class at Schola.  You can either help and observe, or start your very own batch (contact me to work out what supplies you will need).

I plan to run this two or three times in the next month or so.  One date has already been selected:  Tuesday November 9th.  For the other dates, I have the following available:  Oct 27, 29, 31, Nov 7, 17.  If you are interested in attending, please let me know what date(s) would work for you.  I could also take over a Thursday if that would work better for a number of people.
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